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Bolt & Nut Services Ltd

Bolt & Nut supply flat washers, square washers, shape proof washers, crinkle washers, disc springs, internal shape proof washers, external shape proof washers and square plate washers. All washers supplied in all grades of materials and finishes. Washers can be ordered and delivered from stock to mainland UK within 24hrs.

Washers metric and Imperial

Flat Washers, Square Washers and disc springs from Bolt and Nut

  • Form A washers
  • Form B washers
  • Form C washers
  • Form E washers
  • Form F washers
  • Form G washers
  • Imperial washers
  • Light and Heavy sect
  • Repair washers
  • Rectangular spring washers
  • Square spring washers
  • Double coil spring washers
  • Internal and external shake proof washers
  • Conical washers
  • Disc springs
  • Nord lock washers
  • Square plate washers
  • Plus many many more

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