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Bolt & Nut Services Ltd

Standard hexagon fasteners metric and Imperial

Bolt & Nut supply hexagon products such as hexagon bolts, hexagon setscrews, to metric and imperial sizes. Hexagon products can be supplied in a vast range of materials and finishes. Hexagon Products can be ordered and delivered from stock to mainland UK within 24hrs. Choose Bolt & Nut as your screw supplier for a wide range of Hex products, including Hexagon Bolts, Industrial Hexagon Bolts, Metric Hex Bolts, Imperial Hex Bolts, Hex Flange Bolts, Hex Setscrews and much more. Our full product range also includes:

Hexagon Bolts and Hexagonal Fasteners from Bolt and Nut

  • Hex blanks
  • Hex bolts
  • Hex Setscrews
  • Hex structural bolts
  • High strength friction grip
  • Hex coach screws
  • Hex Fasteners
  • Hex flange bolts
  • Hex flange sets
  • Plus many many more

Dome Nuts

Bolt and Nut supply Dome nuts in both imperial and metric. Welded Dome nuts are available as well as forged dome nuts. Dome nuts can be ordered with a high top height or dome nuts can be ordered with a low head height. Dome Nuts can be ordered and delivered from stock to mainland UK within 24hrs.

Hexagon nuts metric and Imperial

  • Aerotight
  • Full nuts
  • Lock nuts
  • Dome nuts
  • Slotted nuts
  • Pressed nuts
  • Nylon insert nuts
  • Connecting nuts
  • Flange nuts
  • Stover nuts
  • Philidas industrial
  • Philidas mk v
  • Castle nuts
  • Pal nuts
  • Galv over size
  • Plus many many more

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